MPI Penetrating Surface Protectant


Based on chemistry that was developed by Dow Chemical, MPI is an amino-functional silane (Si-QAC).  MPI is an effective treatment agent  for surface protection against odor, staining and discoloration caused by bacteria, fungi (mold and mildew) and algae.

This surface protectant contains 5%, 3-(trihydroxysilyl) propyldimethyl-octadecylamine ammonium chloride.

Coverage: MPI covers approximately 700 to 1000 surface square feet per gallon when fogged according to specifications.  MPI is a concentrate product.  One gallon makes several gallons of ready-to-use product.

MPI can be used as a final protective finish on the following items and surfaces:

Carpets and draperies; concrete, tents, tarpaulins and sails; stone and terrazzo; throw rugs; upholstery made of acetates, acrylics, cotton, fiberglass, nylon, polyester, polyethylene, polyolefins, polypropylene, rayon, spandex, vinyl or wool; and wood.

MPI is a surface protection product and not an EPA registered germicide.  Claims such as “antibacterial”, “bactericidal” or “germicidal” activity or references implying public health related protection or biocidal claims should not be made.

1 gal
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