Fire Damage Restoration & Flood Cleanup for Syracuse, NY

Content Recovery – Take your home or business and remove the roof. Turn it upside down so everything falls out - now you're looking at the items referred to as “content.” In the event of a property damage loss, many of these items can be damaged, soiled, contaminated, or otherwise compromised and are in need of professional recovery efforts. The task seems daunting, overwhelming, and almost insurmountable.

That's where the professionals at Rockwell Content Recovery take the lead.

We will identify the scope of recovery work needed for textiles, furniture, electronics, hard goods, art, documents, antiques, and anything else that “fell out” as a result of your property damage. We will inventory your belongings, carefully package all impacted items, and remove them from your property to begin the recovery process. Often your clothing will be heavily impacted, especially in the event of a fire. Smoke, soot, and water that come in to contact with your clothes will render them unusable. We will package some of these clothes and label them, at your direction, as “immediate use” or “expedited” items. This means that we will process these items and get them back to you in less than 24 hours – and often less than 12 hours – to help start the process of getting you back on your feet and recovered from your loss event.

The rest of your items will be cataloged and itemized and brought to our facility for cleaning and storage. We can successfully recover items with heavy soot damage, smoke odors, fibrous contaminants, biological contamination from mold, sewage or blood, and any category of water damage to their pre-loss condition and to “food contact safe.” Through ATP testing, we can show a pre-recovery level of biological contamination from mold, sewage or blood and then the post-recovery level, identifying the success of our processes. Electronics go through a pre-recovery screening to identify their functionality and potential for recovery. All recoverable items are then disassembled, cleaned in ultrasonics and DI cleaning stations then sent to our drying chamber to remove all residual moisture. The items are then tested again, certified as recovered, packaged, and stored for you at our secure, heated location ready for delivery back to you once the project is completed.

At Rockwell Content Recovery we utilize state-of-the-art cleaning methodology, wash technology and ultrasonic equipment to bring your personal belongings back to you in pre-loss condition or better. We will work directly with your insurance carrier so you don't have to – from date of loss to project completion, you can rest easy with Rockwell in your corner. Call our trusted team for fire damage restoration, flood cleanup, water damage repair and more.

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