Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment Services in Syracuse, NY

Situations arise – typically at the most inconvenient and least expected time. It's at these times that Rockwell Indoor Environmental shines the brightest. With your home or business in disarray from water damage, fire/smoke/soot damage, or mold contamination we respond quickly – less than 12 hours in most cases – to assess the potential for peripheral damage and possible health impact issues. We will work side by side with your insurance company representative and emergency water/fire mitigation professional to contain any possible environmental contaminants, identify the cause, isolate the source and prevent further damage to your property.

In the event of a loss at your property and before any building materials are disturbed we will:

  • Contain the source and stop the intrusion
  • Create and build isolation barriers to prevent further damage or cross contamination to the unaffected portion of the property
  • Identify if any of the contaminated or damaged materials are ACM (Asbestos Containing Material) with lab analysis and verbal confirmation in less than 24hrs
  • Identify any existing mold damage and/or potential for mold growth on the affected building materials and take the necessary steps to contain it

From A to Z, We've Got You Covered

We can manage the entire process for you - from connecting you with the right contractor for your needs to a completed and successful mitigation or remediation project.

With years of experience in the industry, we have a network of mitigation and support professionals for any type of loss that you might experience. 24/7/365 response means that your family and your property get the attention they deserve faster, more accurately and with the sense of urgency that they deserve. No other loss consultant responds and gets results faster than Rockwell Indoor Environmental.

For more information on guidelines for safe handling, removal and containment of regulated contaminants like Asbestos and Mold, you can review these links:


Suspect Asbestos Containing Materials

Cement Pipes Cement Wallboard
Cement Siding Asphalt Floor Tile
Vinyl Floor Tile Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Flooring Backing Construction Mastics (floor tile, carpet, ceiling tile, etc.)
Acoustical Plaster Decorative Plaster
Textured Paints/ Coatings Ceiling Tiles and Lay-In Panels
Spray-Applied Insulation Blown-In Insulation
Fireproofing Materials Taping Compounds (thermal)
Packing Materials (for wall/ floor penetrations) High Temperature Gaskets
Laboratory Hoods/ Table Tops Laboratory Gloves
Fire Blankets Fire Curtains
Elevator Equipment Panels Elevator Brake Shoes
HVAC Duct Insulation Boiler Insulation
Ductwork Flexible Fabric Connections Cooling Towers
Pipe Insulation (corrugated air-cell, block, etc.) Heating and Electrical Ducts
Electrical Panel Partitions Electrical Cloth
Electrical wiring Insulation Chalkboards
Roofing Shingles Roofing Felt
Base Flashing Thermal Paper Products
Fire Doors Caulking/ Putties
Adhesives Wallboard
Joint Compounds Vinyl Wall Coverings
Spackling Compounds
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